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We are glad to inform you that at the end of 2014 the Bilteh Group company had all its products and manufacture certified.

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Американская компания Dell продолжает радовать новыми моделями сенсорных мониторов.

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Built-in monitors

Modern technologies daily offer to the world something new in different spheres. The world is changing every day and it is interesting for the consumer to be aware of recent developments. The changes relate to many areas, including sensory equipment.
Nowadays manufacturers offer to its customers a large list of different monitors, suitable for different types of activity.

Why Built-in Monitors?

Built-in multi touch monitors entered the market not so long ago and have already gained among experts and fans of such equipment. Its benefits are undeniable. Thus, when using resistive, capacitive, SAW, or IR technologies, one can find the required information and perform operation much faster with a considerably smaller number of taps.

For these reasons the built-in monitors are successfully applied in many areas, such as the banking sphere, in payment terminals, for servicing in catering facilities or supermarkets. The number of places, where such payment systems are used, grows every day.
Equally important is the use of such monitors in industrial enterprises, as well as for holding presentations or conferences.

No special knowledge is required to use built-in monitors. Special equipment allows to hold a professional presentation, and if necessary, to make a purchase and pay for the order. So there is no need to hire additional staff for carrying out operations on purchase and sale of goods or services.
Multi-touch monitors are more functional touch- monitors, since they allow to perform multiple operations simultaneously. As it is possible for the user to at least two active zones simultaneously.

Monitors may be installed on a horizontal or vertical surface . They can be secured inside or outside , depending on the shape of the construction.
Built-in touch-screen monitors have such advantages as water and dust resistance . These qualities allow to install the system outdoors and virtually in any environment.

Built-in monitors can rightly be called easy-to-use and high-tech products . With their help one can solve various problems and to implement even the most challenging projects.

Choosing a monitor one should pay attention to the manufacturing company. However, well-known brands do not always make the best products . Sometimes you can find a better model at a lower cost, but none the worse in quality.

We value our each customers, therefore we are ready to offer special conditions for the purchase and delivery of goods. In addition, the built- in monitor will be delivered as soon as possible at the most convenient time.